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Signature fitness

Signature Fitness is a small group and personal training studio that focuses on traditional strength training and individualised nutrition to transform your body and your life. If you want a personal trainer or inspiring group fitness classes in Bondi, get in touch.

Personal training

Personalised training and nutrition for all skill levels

Group training

Small groups focused on great coaching and community

The protocol

All male fitness program: As featured in MMH Magazine

Full of flavour

Nutrition consulting

We’re not just a gym. We’re a lifestyle.

Our philosophy

Transforms bodies and lives

Personal training

Personalised training specific to you and your goals.


Specialised nutrition planning that is continually updated.

Group training

Feel the vibe of the group and push yourself.


Balanced training and nutrition to transform your life.

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Whether you want the perfect group class or completely tailored personal training, we have the right program for you.

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