Small Group Strength Training

12 on 1

Build strength and muscle

Our small group strength training program is setup for people that need to supplement what they are already doing. You could be playing a sport or competing in some sort of activity.

We offer two to three strength training sessions per week as part of your program. The sessions are in small groups, and you will follow a specific strength training program which is changed monthly. The programs are written by our head strength coach and can be completed at any training level.

The programming has been developed so you can train on any day and get a full body workout — you can space your days out or place them after each other.

We keep you accountable with regular ultrasound body fat check-ins done whenever you choose. You may feel you need them at the start of a program or half way through to see how you are tracking.

We don’t do your nutrition for you in this program, so you may have prior nutritional knowledge. The aim in this program is to build strength and muscle and maintain your weight.

What’s included?

Small group strength training

12 on 1

2-3 x 45 minute sessions
Strength training
Highly motivational environment
Ongoing body composition and movement screening tests
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Charlie's story

Check out Charlie’s awesome results from training three times per week. Charlie wanted to participate in our training and he was already doing his own training, as he was a PT in his past career. So his training knowledge was already very good.

Charlie wanted variety in his training and it needed to train at a high level. He wanted someone to write his programs for him and keep him accountable.

Although Charlie looked after his own nutrition, we tested his body fat regularly to keep him on track and he dropped his body fat down to 8% ready to compete in a natural physique competition.

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