Small Group Transformation Program

12 on 1

Small group training that feels like personal training

Our small group classes involve coaching not supervision. We feel people need exercise coaching on how to perform exercises with correct technique, so they can feel the exercise where they’re supposed to feel it. The most common remark our members say when they first start with us is “ I actually felt that in the right muscle, it’s amazing!”

All our members get a specific program, which changes every 4 weeks to make sure our members get results and monitor their progress which is very motivating.

We expect our members to track their weights inside their sessions and our members really enjoy their sessions and progress when they can feel the exercise properly and see the weights going up as they are getting stronger.

The feedback we get mostly is that our small group model is comparable to personal training.

We keep you accountable with body fat measurements which can be done with a real person not a scale you can stand on.

Once we have your measurements from our ultra sound scanner, then the real magic begins where we calculate your food requirements to maintain a decent amount of energy for your day and still lose weight or body fat. Your very own coach will consult you on how much to eat, what to eat and use the foods that you like eating so its realistic to you and your unique goals.

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What’s included?

Small group transformation program

12 on 1

45 minute sessions
Strength training and metabolic conditioning
Personally assigned coach
Full nutritional framework
Ongoing body composition and movement screening tests
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