Signature Fitness Transformation

1 on 1

Accelerated personal and group training

The Signature Fitness Transformation program is a blend of one on one personal training and small group transformation strength training.

It’s a great model for someone that already has some training knowledge but is unsure if they want to do group training or need special attention with individualised sessions. It’s also great program for someone who is carrying an injury which  may inhibit their participation in other training programs.

You will be able to train in up to two one-on-one sessions a week and unlimited small strength sessions.

Ideal for the member who likes to train four to five times per week, this will guarantee them a fast result, which some people want and need.

This program has everything that we offer as a service and product. You will be coached by our highest level trainers. You have the option of a completely individualised meal plan to the calorie and macro, which leaves no room for error.

Accountability is very high in this program as you get one on one attention with your PT sessions, where your coach will help you set small goals every week so you can reach your big goals faster.

Our Signature Fitness Transformation program is like having your foot on the accelerator!

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    Signature Fitness Transformation program

    1 on 1

    45 minute sessions

    Highest level coaching – on demand

    Individualised strength training

    Individualised nutrition program

    Ongoing body composition tests

    Unlimited group training

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